Pool Leak Detection Naples Fl

#1 Pool Leak Detection
in Southwest Florida

Top 8 Pool Leak Indicators in Southwest Florida

  1. Constant low water level in your pool
  2. Your water bill goes up dramatically without explanation
  3. The automatic pool fill device is constantly running
  4. Your pool deck around the pool is constantly wet
  5. A multitude of bubbles coming out of the pool return line
  6. Chlorine, Conditioner or Salt does not stay in the pool
  7. There are visible cracks in the pool or skimmer
  8. Continuous algae growth that won’t cease

Pool Leak Detection In Three Easy Steps

Reach Out

Reaching out to us in the emergency of a pool leak is easy, just fill out the free consultation form provided through the link. We will instantly receive your request and be able to contact you as soon as possible to get all your swimming pool needs taken care of. We understand that a pool leak is a serious matter, leave it to the professionals to quickly resolve the issue for you! 


As soon as we receive your request form via email, we will contact you to schedule a day and time that is most convenient for you to come out and take a look at your pool. Our pool leak inspections are completely free of charge and we never move forward with performing any maintenance until our customers approve the quote given based on the present circumstances.


You can rest assured that you are getting top quality service with Pool and Patio Works. No matter your pool type, we will work quickly getting your pool filled again without needing to cut any piping or destroy your deck. Our tests are the least invasive to your property as possible. We also provide further testing of your equipment and helpful tips for preventative measures!

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