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Trying to find a pool builder you can trust can be a very tedious and disappointing process. Look no further, our team of pool construction experts is here to aid you in every step of this life investment to create the swimming pool you’ve always dreamed of. We pride ourselves in creating top-quality swimming pools with the industries’ latest equipment and technology all while working within a budget that you’re completely comfortable with. We understand that not all customers are the same so you can trust we are here to work with you on all fronts. That means, no hidden costs, no cutting corners, and no lazy project deadlines like the other guys. Contact us now for the easiest and most reliable pool construction process in Southwest Florida!

New Pool Construction Process In Southwest FL

The First Meeting

Before any project begins, we like to get to know our customers first and get a feel for the design influences that our customers are drawn to. In this meeting, we will discuss what kind of color scheme you’d prefer for the tile, pool interior finish, and decking. It’s also important for our team of experts to familiarize themselves with the landscape to ensure complete quality when it comes to constructing your new swimming pool. This initial meeting is essential to the pool construction process and as we formulate your new pool’s layout we ensure thorough questions to aid in the project development of creating the pool of your dreams within your budget!


After getting to know what you desire for your new swimming pool, we will create a proposal for you to review in the follow-up meeting before moving forward to the official pool construction layout. Your proposal will have all the key points we discussed in the first meeting based on your properties landscape, what shape you prefer, and what size you’d like your new pool to be. If any changes need to be made with the proposal we will happily work with you until you are completely satisfied. After the proposal and pool construction layout have been approved by you, we are able to move forward with securing a pool construction permit to begin the building process.

Building Process

We begin the building process with excavation using a backhoe. Next, we begin the rebar phase to form the precise shape and details of your pool. The next phase will continue into the electric and plumbing, all plumbing is tested under pressure and properly inspected and we ensure all electrical work is installed based upon the city and state’s electrical codes. Moving forward we apply gunite with a high-pressure hose forming the inner shell. This now gives you a  better visual of what your new pool looks like in real life. Lastly, we apply the plaster which becomes the finishing touch of your pool. Plaster comes in all types of colors and product types of your choosing!

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